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our Services The Agency provides his services for the valorize and recognition of the company by the quality and certification. Nos services
Quality audits The Agency assess conformity with regulatory and voluntary requirements to which the company is engaged. Audits internes & externes
Testing & Analysis The Agency achieves tests and analysis, interpretations and validations, for assessment of the company's products. Essais & analyses
Quality engineering The Agency supports the company that initiates, manages and optimizes its quality management procedures and certifications. Ingénierie de certification
Agency activities The Agency commit for its services in accordance with customer's policy alongside the company. Prestations

Quality audits

loupe 01 inversThe audit is a systematic, independent and documented process to gather objective information to determine the extent to which elements of the target system meets the requirements of the reference field. It detects anomalies and risks in organizations and sectors of activities that it checks.
Audit a company, a service, it's listen to the various stakeholders for understand and to do understand the system in place or to set in place.

Our audits in accordance with standard NF EN ISO 19011: 2011

This standard provides guidance on the audit of management systems, its principles, its management and its implementation. It also provides guidelines on assessing the competence of those involved in this process, including the person responsible for the management of the audit program, auditors and audit teams.

Audit specialist according to ISO 19011, we propose our Skills in accordance with this standard and implement three types of audits:

  • First party audit
      Conformity assessment to a standard, specification or regulation is carried out by the supplier organization itself. In other words, it is a self-assessment.
  • Second party audit
      Conformity assessment activity which is performed by the customer of the organization. For example the manufacturer would allow his customer to do an assessment of the product against the requirements.
  • Third party audit
      Conformity assessment activity that is performed by a body that is independent of the organization that provides the product and is not a user of the product. An example of this would be when an independent certification body certifies that another organization complies with ISO 9001


IN SUMMARY : We offer as part of our Skills and our Services to drive audit for conformity assessment of first, second and third party.

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